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This site is dedicated to Elizabeth “Liz” McKay & Jerry Cole (played by Daphne Ashbrook and Michael Woods) in the short-lived series Our Family Honor.

This series had a great cast. It revolved around the lives of two families – the McKays, three generations of policemen and women, and the Danzigs, who were in the New York Mafia. The McKays were headed by New York City Police Commissioner Patrick and his wife Katherine. Their eldest son had been murdered. Their youngest son, Frank, a detective sergeant in the NYPD, suspected the eldest Danzig son, Augie, of murdering his brother and made it his mission in life to prove it. A middle son, Matthew, had bucked family tradition and worked as a defense attorney. He and his wife, Roxanne, were shown in the pilot then sadly never heard from again. Patrick’s granddaughter, Liz, was a rookie NYPD officer involved with a banker named Jerry Cole. For the first part of the series she was unaware that Jerry was actually a Danzig. She was partnered with NYPD Officer Ed Santini.

The Danzigs were headed by mob boss Vincent who’d been married twice. Augie was his son with his first wife and had followed his father in to a life of crime. Augie was married to Rita and they had a young son, Mark. The Danzigs’ right-hand-man was George. He discovered Rita was having an affair with Elliott. When Augie found out, he killed Elliott. Vincent's second wife, Marianne, had raised their son, Jerry, in California in an effort to keep away from the family business. She reunited with Vincent when he promised to take the family legit...though he never did.

Liz & Jerry:

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