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Cast List

KENNETH McMILLAN as Commissioner Patrick McKay
TOM MASON as Det. Sgt. Frank McKay
DAPHNE ASHBROOK as Off. Elizabeth “Liz” McKay
MICHAEL MADSEN as August “Augie” Danzig
SHEREE J. WILSON as Rita Danzig
BARBARA STUART as Marianne Danzig
SCOTT SHERK as Mark Danzig
ELI WALLACH as Vincent Danzig
BARBARA STUART as Marianne Danzig
RON KARABATSOS as George Bennett
DICK ANTHONY WILLIAMS as Chief of Detectives Jonas Jones
RAY LIOTTA as Off. Ed Santini
JOHN CALLAHAN as Elliott Frazier
JAMES O’SULLIVAN as Matthew McKay (pilot)
JUANIN CLAY as Roxanne McKay (pilot)

Vincent and Augie standing behind and to the left of Jerry, Frank and Patrick standing behind Liz, Jerry and Liz in front holding hands

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Our Family Honor is the property of Lorimar Productions and Lawrence Gordon/Charles Gordon Productions. It aired on ABC with repeats on TNT.